Churches in the Business of Creativity – Chapter 6 eBook Preview

August 27, 2015

Here is an excerpt from “Churches in the Business of Creativity,” Chapter  6 of our new eBook “Solve the Puzzle of Copyrights: Six Steps To Learning How To Do Music Right” By Susan Fontaine Godwin. You can download the eBook for FREE here.

There is an exciting and refreshing trend in the Christian music industry. Many churches and ministries are venturing into the business of creativity, in particular music publishing and record labels.

It makes sense in many ways, because talented songwriters, musicians and artists are nurtured, encouraged and trained in the midst of Christian communities. In this chapter, we will outline five important steps to determine whether or not you are prepared to start a music business. You will learn about the four roles of a music publisher and what constitutes a “work made for hire.” We will also cover how to find professional resources to help you manage songs and recordings.

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