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With a catalog of more than 28 million Christian and secular songs, the WORSHIPcast Streaming License is the most comprehensive music streaming license available to churches.

WORSHIPcast allows your church to legally stream, live or on-demand, your performances of copyrighted music, including worship services and special events from your church website.

What can my church do with WORSHIPcast?

Stream All
Musical Genres
Stream Live &
Stream Services &
Special Events
Comprehensive Coverage

WORSHIPcast covers your performances of millions of songs including Christian, gospel, contemporary worship, country, classical, pop, broadway, seasonal, children's, choral, and more.

Stream More Than Services

Your license covers unlimited streams of worship services, meetings, special events, and guest performances. It also covers concerts and recordings of your worship team.

Easy Reporting

Reporting is simple and straightforward. Your quarterly reports support your favorite songwriters and artists.

Affordable Annual Fee

Pay just one annual fee and legally stream song performances from all your services and programs.

How much does the WORSHIPcast License cost?
License fees are based on the average weekly attendance of all your church’s services.  Please note that there is a one time set-up fee of $25.
Average Attendance Annual Fee
1 – 199 $265
200 – 499 $410
500 – 1,999 $815
2,000 – 5,999 $1,210
6,000 – 14,999 $2,035
15,000+ $3,000
Order a License

We'll help you determine the right copyright coverage for your organization.


The Religious Service Exemption in US Copyright law allows churches to play and perform music during religious services, this exemption does NOT cover the re-transmission of those services over the internet. If your church’s services include copyrighted music, a church streaming license is required to webcast or stream those services.

Churches and most 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organizations located in the US or its territories are eligible for this license. Colleges and universities do not qualify.

The WORSHIPcast License allows you to stream your performances of millions of copyrighted songs. These streams can be live or on-demand and are not limited to worship services and cover concerts, special events, and recordings of your worship team.

Millions of Christian and secular songs from the combined catalogs of ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC are covered. This includes all genres of music, from Contemporary Christian and Gospel to Rock, Country, Holiday, Choral, Patriotic, Pop, Children’s, and much more. To view the songs covered, simply visit each PRO’s repertory page and search their catalogs.

No. WORSHIPcast does not cover streaming rights for any pre-recorded music, including sound recordings, artist recordings, accompaniment tracks, multi-tracks, or stems. Additional rights must be secured from the sound recording copyright owner in order to legally stream.

CCS partners with US performance rights organizations, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. The PROs authorize CCS to license churches and ministries to perform and play the songs in their catalogs allowing us to provide a one-stop performance license.

All license holders are required to report on a quarterly basis. Our simple online reporting system ensures that songwriters are properly compensated for the use of their songs.

When you buy a church music license, like the WORSHIPcast License, or pay an invoice for music rights, you are directly supporting songwriters. CCS pays fees to the PRO’s and they pay their affiliated writers and publishers.

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