Copyright & Media Update – 12/9/16

December 9, 2016

Women in Music 2016: The 100 Most Powerful Executives

BY BILLBOARD STAFF: From making records to protecting rights, negotiating contracts to discovering talent, the female executives included on Billboard’s 2016 Women in Music list represent the best of today’s deal makers, influencers and tastemakers. For this year’s edition, in addition to categories for labels, publishing, live music, agencies, digital, media, branding, management and performance rights organizations, the editors of Billboard have also chosen a group music attorneys and public relations executives for whom 2016 was especially busy. READ MORE…

Pandora Reveals Its Spotify Competitor, Pandora Premium

BY ANDREW FLANAGAN: It’s likely the last time this year you’ll see the words “launches new streaming service.” After a just under a year of re-engineering Rdio, the well-liked streaming service it purchased last December for $75 million, and the launch of a mid-tier subscription service in September, Pandora has pulled the curtain off of its all-you-can-eat streaming service, called Pandora Premium, expected to be released in the first quarter of next year. READ MORE…

6 Signs You Will Succeed in Music

BY CARI COLE: Mastering the music machine is no easy feat. It’s wracked with riddles, potholes and — a plethora of snake-charmers and charlatans along the way. Rick Barker (Taylor Swift’s ex-manager) just called out a guy acting as if he worked for Warner when upon further examination, he has a record as a sex offender – and he was dialoguing on Twitter with young 11 – 12 year olds about their music. Ugh. Be wary of people who claim too much — do your research and…READ MORE.

Spotify Favoring Its Own Playlists at Expense of Indie Curators

BY TOM PACKER: Although Spotify certainly has many fine features, many artists have found it to be lacking when it comes to the tools it makes available to artists to market themselves on the platform. This seems to be looking up however, particularly in the wake of a couple recent updates, although the service seems to be continuing to drive users towards its own playlists, rather than user generated content. READ MORE…

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