Copyright & Media Update – 2/3/17

February 3, 2017

Amazon Echo Users Favor Pandora and iHeart Radio Streaming Music

BY DANIEL ADRIAN SANCHEZ: An Alexa-enabled only device music subscription may help Amazon Music Unlimited route the competition in 2017. Yet, a new study shows dipping numbers for Spotify ahead of their IPO, and Echo users aren’t buying Music Unlimited. Right after the holiday season, Amazon reported booming sales for Alexa-enabled devices, including the Dot and Tap. In fact, according to MusicWatch’s 15th Annual Music Survey, 14 million US consumers reported using an Echo device. Amazon also launched their Music Unlimited service late last year. However, the company has yet to report official paid subscription numbers. So, how well is the e-commerce giant’s paid subscription service faring? READ MORE…

Facebook Looks to Strengthen Relationship to Music

BY ANDREW FLANAGAN: Facebook has, for the most part, kept music at an arm’s remove, and for good reasons. Given the kaleidoscopic legal, contractual and statutory nature of music’s business, coordinating a technical and legal framework for Facebook’s 1.79 billion monthly users to engage with music as they’ve grown accustomed to in the digital age — meaning in any way, at any moment they wish — is practically Sisyphean. Facebook users, and Facebook itself, no doubt would like people to be able to share and listen to music freely within the platform by, say, posting a Spotify link or sharing a video, à la, that features background music within it. Accomplishing these ideas is no small task. Even Spotify, which has essentially one “job” — let people listen to music — failed momentously at rights management. READ MORE…

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