Copyright & Media Update – 3/10/17

March 10, 2017

72% of Internet Users Think ISP Warning Letters Are Useless

BY DANIEL ADRIAN SANCHEZ: ISP piracy warning letters? What, me worry? Starting in January, British ISPs started sending suspected infringing users warning letters. Made to deter and educate users on the consequences of piracy, the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (VCAP) forms part of the Creative Content UK initiative (CCUK.) BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and Sky Broadband voluntarily supported the VCAP. Users didn’t have to worry about strict punishments; the letters simply served as an educational warning. Yet, does the VCAP actually work? Probably not, according to a new survey. READ MORE…

Music publishers worldwide follow mechanical rate proceedings in US

BY CHRIS COOKE: America’s Copyright Royalty Board yesterday got around to thinking about what the country’s mechanical royalty rates should be for the next five years. And to confirm that the worldwide music community was watching the process, the International Confederation Of Music Publishers vocalized its support for the US music publishing sector’s bid to get the rates up. READ MORE…

Donald Trump and Press Release Plagiarism

BY JONATHAN BAILEY:  When it comes to plagiarism, there are few topics as controversial as press releases. The reason is simple. Press releases are put out into the world for the purpose of being copied. While, in a perfectly ethical world, that copying means quoting/citing, press agents are often perfectly happy to have their crafted language become part of the story without attribution. READ MORE…


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