Copyright & Media Update 7/6/2018

July 6, 2018


European lawmakers delay controversial copyright law over concerns it could censor memes, articles

BY RYAN BROWNE: European lawmakers have rejected the fast-tracking of a piece of legislation that critics say would significantly damage internet freedom.Parliamentarians in Strasbourg, France, cast their votes on the European Union’s new copyright directive on Thursday. The regulation is an update to a 2001 directive on copyright, and is aimed at modernizing those rules for the digital age. READ MORE..

End of a Era: Best Buy Significantly Cuts Back on CDs

BY CHRIS MOORE: Not that long ago, compact discs (a.k.a. CDs) consumed a good percentage of the floor space of any Best Buy location. Today, it’s a lot harder to find one in the stores. Best Buy officials say the chain has decreased its focus on CD sales, but denied multiple reports it had ended sales entirely as of July 1. READ MORE…

Music Industry Bosses Decry ‘Missed Opportunity’ As European Union Rejects Copyright Bill

BY RICHARD SMIRKE: It had been described as a ‘must-win’ vote for the creative industries, but it is the tech community that is celebrating after members of the European Parliament rejected new copyright legislation that, if passed, would have carried big implications for how YouTube operates. READ MORE…

USPS owes $3.5 million in royalties for using the wrong Statue of Liberty

BY CALE GUTHRIE WEISSMAN: There’s a good chance you’ve seen the United States Postal Service Lady Liberty stamp. Perhaps you thought this was a picture of the Statue of Liberty. It turns out, however, it was actually a picture of a sculptor’s version of the Statue of Liberty. Because of this technicality, a judge just ruled that the USPS owes this sculptor millions of dollars. READ MORE…

Piracy Levels Are Dropping Fastest Among 16-24 Year-Olds

BY MARSHA SILVA: A new report from the United Kingdom offers some optimism for those involved in the fight against intellectual property theft. The report, published by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO), revealed that piracy levels among young British consumers has dropped significantly in recent years. Most importantly for those in the music industry, music infringement levels were the lowest of any content type at 18 percent. READ MORE…

Supreme Court to Resolve Split Over Copyright Registrations

BY ANANDASHANKER MAZUMDAR: The U.S. Supreme Court will take up a question whose answer may determine if and when copyright owners can sue in federal court. The court June 28 granted a petition to review the question of whether plaintiffs who’ve submitted a copyright registration application but haven’t received a registration certificate can sue. READ MORE….

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