Discover Your Score on Church Copyright Compliance

May 4, 2016

I teach SURVEY OF COPYRIGHT & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW at the University of Mobile. This is my sixth year teaching students in the School of Worship Leadership in the Performing Arts Center about how copyrights impact churches and ministries, and I LOVE IT!

It’s a tremendous opportunity to equip tomorrow’s church and ministry leaders with the tools they’ll need to understand how to keep their organization copyright compliant. Plus, I learn a great deal each semester from my students on how to better unpack the complexities of the US Copyright Law. It helps me see where there’s confusion or difficulty in grasping certain concepts, and so hopefully I become a better educator.

Ultimately that helps CCS provide better resource tools in our LEARNING CENTER for church leaders, like our FREE downloadable Fact Sheets, blog articles, webinars, videos and our recent released 56-page eBook, “SOLVING THE PUZZLE OF COPYRIGHTS: Six Steps to Doing Music Right.”

Sometimes the mid-term and final exam evoke high anxiety in my students, but the testing really provides insight into what we need to increase in our focus and go over again.

As a church leader, Copyright Compliance doesn’t have to scare you anymore! We know that you want to honor copyrights, but it can be confusing and complicated to get your church started in the right direction.

There’s Good News! We’ve created a fun game you can play without fear of judgement that only takes about 5 minutes to complete. You don’t have to spend days and weeks reading through pages of copyright law to help your church stay compliant.

We’ve taken 30 years of our experience in the Christian copyright industry and created a FREE online tool to help your church lower its risk. The Copyright Compliance Report Card is for entertainment purposes only, but you’ll find some very useful information and practical solutions that you can quickly incorporate!

Your free report contains your score, letter grade, and a detailed breakdown that contains explanations and solutions for any compliance issues your church may have. Click here to take your REPORT CARD and get your grade immediately.  

Susan Fontaine Godwin is CCS’s founder/CVO, an educator and long-time member of the Christian arts community with 30 years of experience in the Christian media industry, church copyright administration and copyright management. Susan is an author and speaker and frequently writes for several Christian magazines and online publications. She serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Mobile.

About Christian Copyright Solutions: CCS’s quest is to help churches and Christian ministries “do music right.”  CCS is an expert on church music copyrights and our primary focus is providing licensing and clear educational resources to churches, as well as representation, administration and advocacy for copyright owners. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only, and is not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel.


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