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May 15, 2016

The INDIE Weekly is your source for news and creative ideas for independent artists and songwriters. This week we are providing tips on songwriting:

Lyric Ideas: How to Reconnect with the Inspiration that Surrounds You Every Day

BY NICHOLAS TOZIER: Lyric ideas are everywhere. Every new lyric begins with something that the lyricist sees, hears, or feels during her day; often some small and simple spark. From that first flash, the lyricist’s memories, imagination, and poetic training will help flesh the lyric idea into a new song one line at a time. Although inspiration is all around us, we miss out on all of it unless we slow down, clear our minds, and make the effort to notice. READ MORE

5 Tips For Analyzing Your Own Songs

BY GARY EWER: To me, solving musical issues that come up in a song is tricky because every song is a one-off; you’re giving thoughts and opinions about something for which there is no duplicate. All we have to guide us are principles of good musical composition. But you must also factor innovation and creativity into your opinions, and that’s perhaps the hardest part. Getting someone else’s analytical opinion can be very useful, but there is value to learning to analyze your own songs. The most difficult part of that is dealing with subjectivity. A song can feel like your own baby, and that makes it difficult to be honest with yourself regarding its possible flaws. READ MORE

20 Tips On Songwriting

BY DEBBIE POYSER: You can improve your craft as a songwriter relatively easily if you accept that your work isn’t just the result of some mystical process over which you have no control: certainly you need some talent to begin with, but you can hone your songwriting skills just as you can work on your playing or mixing skills. Here are a handful of simple ideas to get you thinking about how you write, and, if you’re stuck in a musical rut, perhaps to help get you out of it. READ MORE

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