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June 5, 2016

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Increasing Musical Momentum By Extending a Verse

BY GARY EWER: For songs in a verse-only format, the verse has to act as a complete musical journey. It doesn’t have a chorus to rely on to provide extra musical excitement. In addition to the challenge of making a verse feel complete, verse-only songs run the risk of being overly repetitive. To avoid excessive repetition, many verse-only songs will include a bridge as a way of providing some musical variety. READ MORE

How to Make a DIY Music Video

BY DAN MILLS: There are many things you need to make a DIY music video on a budget, besides creative friends with camera gear. Producing your own music video takes creativity, a willingness to get scrappy, and above all else, ideas that are centered around attainable goals. So, if you’re a musician looking to promote your hot new jam with a music video, or a video producer looking to try your hand at something new, I’d love to share four creative directions I’ve taken with my own music videos. READ MORE

How the Science of Acoustics Affects You in the Studio

BY JESSE STERLING HARRISON: The science of acoustics is a serious academic study. It’s multidisciplinary and has implications across disciplines. People get doctorates in this stuff. Luckily for us, we don’t need to know how sonic vibrations effect nuclear centrifuges or use sonar to locate skulking nuclear submarines. We just want to make music sound good. A little understanding of the science helps a lot. READ MORE

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