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June 8, 2016

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The DIY Musician’s Ultimate Guide to Indie Production Music Libraries

BY CASEY VAN WENSEM: It’s no secret that synchronization (or sync) licenses are one of the best ways for independent artists to earn income these days. Understanding how to actually get your songs placed in film and TV productions, however, can be more of a mystery. READ MORE

Social Media Basics: Hashtags For Artists

BY TA’RIKAH JONES: If you’re an artist or a band that’s new to the world of social media, hashtags may seem confusing or pointless. These little symbols are a vital way for way people communicate and digest information online. Not only are they important but they can also increase your engagement rate and followers. READ MORE

What Music Theory Does (and Doesn’t Do) For Your Songwriting

BY GARY EWER: Many (perhaps most) songwriters have less than what might be called a working knowledge of the rudiments of music. Most create their songs on instinct — they write what sounds good, what their ear tells them they should write. So what’s wrong with that? If that’s working for you, why muddy the waters with something like music theory? READ MORE

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