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February 29, 2016

The INDIE Weekly is your source for news and creative ideas for independent artists and songwriters. This week we are providing you with tips on promoting your music:

9 Reasonable Guidelines To Think About Before Promoting Your Music Through Websites

BY DONNIE ANGKUW: There are so many websites for musicians. Sometimes they look similar to each other, and with so many choices, people are having a hard time deciding which music sites to look at. Of course, websites like Soundcloud or Bandcamp are great, but what so many young talented musicians miss is why they should sign up for these kinds of sites. It’s not just because other people do it that you should do it too. We know that music websites are only a tool for musicians. But musicians are not tools. Every musician should think about how they will promote their music, what their artwork is going to be, and other things apart from the music itself. READ MORE

5 Ways to Promote Your Music on Social Media Without Annoying People

BY SAM FRIEDMAN: Many musicians have extreme talent but don’t understand how to properly communicate with their fans via social media. All of us have liked an artist before because we enjoyed the music, only to later unlike after a ridiculous influx of annoying, overly promotional, one-directional content. Here are five ways to promote your music on social media without annoying your followers. READ MORE

How to Promote Your Music

BY DAVE KUSEK: Today, there is no single strategy to promote your music. The internet has opened up endless possibilities, and, while that may seem daunting, it really allows you to experiment and let your creativity run wild! The key to to learn from the promotions you run, make changes, and fine-tune them to your unique career. Let’s take a look at some basic strategies you could be using to promote your music right now. READ MORE

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