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March 7, 2016


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Major Vs. Indie: What Really Happens When You Sign A Record Deal

BY JON OSTROW: As the recording industry continues to battle against the steady decline of physical album sales, and now steady decline in digital album sales, it can be difficult as an independent musician to determine the best path to take for long-term growth and success.

Ultimately this crossroads is met with three separate avenues:

  1. DIY (Do It Yourself)
  2. Independent Label
  3. Major Label

There are pros and cons to each avenue, which should be weighed carefully against what type of musician / band you are and how you expect to see growth. READ MORE

How Piracy Law Affects The Music Business

BY RACHELLE WILBER: Piracy laws are widely contested, and it seems that nobody can agree on whether privacy laws actually affect the music business. As a culture, there are good reasons to support the creation of new music. It helps our society grow, and music has always been a part of what makes us human. While the math and sciences teach us about the world, the arts help us to learn to live together and appreciate our world. READ MORE


Explaining the Chaos on YouTube

BY JONATHAN BAILEY:Though I spent much of last week at HAuNTcon, I have been eagerly following events taking place on YouTube as channels such as popular channels such as I Hate Everything, Eli the Computer Guy and Channel Awesome have all had their accounts lose monetization and face other restrictions over seemingly minor infractions. The issue was further compounded by a controversy surrounding The Fine Brothers and their attempts to trademark their brand of reaction videos and launch a “React World” program that would franchise out their style of videos (for a fee). Between these stories YouTube, seemingly overnight, became the center of a whirlwind of controversy that attacked nearly every policy the site has including its community policy, its copyright policy and its trademark policies. READ MORE


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