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April 6, 2016

The INDIE Weekly is your source for news and creative ideas for independent artists and songwriters. This week we are providing some tips for the money conscious musician:

As an Indie Artist, Should You Give Your Music Away for Free or Charge?

BY CASEY VAN WENSEM: As a musician, you’ve probably been told over and over again that recorded music simply doesn’t have any value anymore. Ever since Napster shook up the scene in the ‘90s, it’s been getting harder and harder to convince music fans to pay for music, and it seems that by 2016, most artists and labels are giving up on the idea of trying to make money from album sales. The problem with this argument, however, is that not everyone agrees that music should be free. If Taylor Swift and Adele are refusing to give into the world of streaming music and free downloads, can’t other artists take the same route as well? After all, we need to make a living somehow. READ MORE

Frugality On DIY Tour: Some Simple Suggestions

BY ROBERT LANTERMAN: A DIY tour is expensive. There are ways to be successful, but for a band just starting out, I would recommend trying to spend as little money as possible. Here are some suggestions on how you can do that. READ MORE

5 Old-School Marketing Tricks For Your Next Show That Still Work

BY CHRISTOPHER DEARCANGELIS: Think you’re doing everything you need to do for your next show by creating a Facebook event invite? Close your laptop and think again. While the internet is a powerful tool for promoting your band, traditional marketing tricks for promoting your shows still work wonders, especially for creating real fans with a real interest in your music. It’s not really that surprising. You probably know from experience that while the digital world can be immersive, providing easy access to a wide range of popular and obscure bands, a face-to-face meeting or interesting, creative flyer is infinitely more memorable than a spammy message from a seemingly random band. READ MORE

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