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April 19, 2016

The INDIE Weekly is your source for news and creative ideas for independent artists and songwriters. This week we are providing some helpful articles on recording your music:

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Announce A Release Date

BY JANELLE ROGERS: Bands often come to me while they are in the studio with a clear idea they would like to release their album within a few months. However, without a finished product this is rarely a successful strategy. I’ve even seen a few bands announce their album release date on social networks and then have to retract that date, due to a variety of circumstances. These are three reasons why you shouldn’t announce your release date before you have a finished product. READ MORE

The Musician’s Cheat Sheet for Stereo Mic’ing Patterns

BY AARON STANIULIS: Understanding the various types of stereo mic’ing techniques out there is often something that gets overlooked, especially by those who are new to the recording world. Mic placement can be one of the most critical steps in the recording process. When trying to capture a sound in stereo, the resulting “image” can be greatly influenced by the setup that is used. Here are some of the most popular methods out there and the concepts behind them. READ MORE

6 Tips for Making a No-Budget Music Video

BY CHRIS ROBLEY: If you’re like most DIY musicians, there’s probably not a whole lot of extra cash left in the band’s bank account after shelling out for recording, mixing, mastering, duplication, registering your copyrights, and distribution. But you still have to promote your new record, right? These days a music video is practically required in order to properly promote an album. And while, yes, you could spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars shooting a music video, why would you? Especially when you’re at a place in your music career where every dollar counts. READ MORE

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