Is Your Church Hosting a Super Bowl Party?

January 16, 2020

Five Ideas to Help With Your Game Plan

Christmas and Easter both provide platforms for churches to reach their surrounding communities, but sandwiched between these holidays is an event with the potential to bring people to your church, the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl LIV is this Sunday and no matter which team you cheer for, the game has become one of America’s most sacred national holidays. Many church leaders are planning a “friendship evangelism” celebration with viewing parties that provide churches with a warm and dynamic opportunity to reach out to their community. Here are five ideas that will help you host an enjoyable and meaningful party:

  1. Invite – This is a great time to invite a neighbor, co-worker or family member who doesn’t attend church. It’s a non-threatening environment and a viewing party provides a relaxing and fun setting. An open atmosphere can help nurture relationships and deepen friendships. You may want to consider inviting someone who is homeless or having a difficult time in their life. What a great way to share your blessings to the “least of these.”
  2. Big Screen – If your church has a big screen, that can be a real draw to invite friends to watch the event at your church building. And, the NFL is OK with showing it on a big screen if it is equipment used all the time and not rented just for the party.
  3. Refreshments – Of course, food and refreshments are always a crowd-pleaser. You could ask guests to bring snacks and drinks, but it might be better to express hospitality by providing all the food and drinks. Don’t forget plates, cups, and utensils, and you’ll have everything you need for a great outreach party.
  4. Half-time video – Provide some type of entertainment or inspiration during the half-time show. Sports Spectrum, the top Christian sports magazine in the country, develops a great videos every year.
  5. Understand Copyright Issues – The NFL does not block religious organizations from hosting Super Bowl viewing parties. There are some important rules, however, to follow to side-step possible copyright infringement:
    • Churches must show the game live on equipment they use in the course of ministry at their premises; recordings of the show are not permitted.
    • Churches cannot charge admission for the party. The NFL has stated, however, that churches may take up a donation to defray the cost of the event.
    • You can refer to the party as the Super Bowl party and you can refer to the two teams participating, but a church cannot use the NFL Shield, Super Bowl or Club logos.
    • Download our FREE Church Super Bowl Party Fact Sheet in our learning center for a handy reference!

Churches also often play or perform music at their facility during a viewing party. The NFL does not cover the music performance rights for playing or performing music in a facility but CCS’s PERFORMmusic Facilities License provides comprehensive coverage for over 25 million songs from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

Questions? Give us a call or live chat with one of our dedicated copyright consultants who can help guide you.

About Christian Copyright Solutions: CCS’s quest is to help churches and Christian ministries “do music right.”  CCS is an expert on church music copyrights and our primary focus is providing licensing and clear educational resources to churches. Follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Youtube. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel.


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