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October 23, 2015

ASCAP’s Paul Williams: Stream of Outrageous

BY PAUL WILLIAMS (ASCAP President and Chairman of the Board): I recently wrote an op-ed in response to a post on the Congress blog The Hill by a lobbyist who represents technology industry interests (“Songwriters are fighting the wrong fight,” 10.5.15).

I’d like to share some of my thoughts with you. The lobbyist claimed that he spoke on behalf of songwriters. While songwriters have many allies in the ongoing fight to update our nation’s outdated music licensing laws, it’s clear he is not one of them. As a songwriter elected to represent ASCAP’s more than 550,000 music creator members, I find his arguments grossly misleading. Perhaps most troubling is his suggestion that when it comes to the royalties that streaming companies pay through ASCAP, the payment system is so opaque that songwriters “don’t know where that money is going.”

Bizarre Google Books Case Upheld on Appeal

BY CHRIS CASTLE: As the major non-state actor funding copyright irredentist movements across the globe, Google put another notch in its lawfare belt by taking down authors, illustrators and photographers.  Yes, the bizarre Google Books case was upheld on appeal in the Second Circuit. That’s right—appointed for life judges think that it’s OK for Google to scan and exploit millions of books without regard to what creators’ rights are implicated.

Rimini Street ordered to pay Oracle $50 Million in copyright case

BY PETER DINHAM: A federal court in the United States has ordered enterprise software vendor Rimini Street pay Oracle about US$50 million in damages for copyright infringement of several Oracle products. The jury in the case rejected Oracle’s damages claim for US$246 million, instead awarding the $50 million. The legal dispute has been going for five years between Oracle and Rimini Street.

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