Weekly Copyright Update

January 22, 2016


Supporting Copyrights Does Not Equal Opposing Freedom of Speech

BY HELIENNE LINDVALL: Recently I was asked to speak at a debate on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta) in the European parliament, organised by the socialist group. I was invited as a representative of what they call “content creators”, and I went hoping for an open, fact-based, productive debate. I was sadly disappointed. Early on it was clear that agreement would be voted down. I left feeling thoroughly depressed. I was told to prepare a five-minute speech, so apart from speaking of the reality musicians are facing, I spent days reading the actual agreement, different points of views on it, as well as looking into the different issues it deals with, to make sure I knew what was being discussed. READ MORE.


Delegation for Musicians: How to Get Help and Support

BY ARIEL HYATT CyberPR: You will never achieve the success you want it if you try to do it all alone and try to take on things that stop you dead in your tracks or waste your precious time. I can not stress this enough: You must learn to delegate, and get the stuff that stresses you out off of your plate.

Two issues are up for you right now from reading this:

  1. You can’t afford to pay someone to help you
  2. You don’t want to give up control  (so you continue to do it all yourself)



Endless Whack-a-Mole: Why Notice-and-Stay-Down Just Makes Sense

BY DEVLIN HARTLINE: No small amount of ink has been spilled pointing out that the DMCA’s notice-and-takedown provisions have led to an endless game of whack-a-mole for copyright owners. Google’s own transparency report boasts how its search engine has received requests to take down over 63 million URLs in the past month alone. And it helpfully tells us that it’s received over 21 million such requests over the past four years for just one site: rapidgator.net. Google’s transparency doesn’t extend to how many times it’s been asked to remove the same work, nor does it tell us anything about takedown requests for YouTube. But there’s no reason to think those numbers aren’t equally as frustrating for copyright owners. READ MORE.


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