Wrapping Up National Copyright Myth Solving Month

April 30, 2015

April is National Copyright Myth Solving Month. Ok, it’s really not, but since April starts with a Fool’s Day, why not? There are a myriad of myths surrounding copyrighted material and its use in the church. 

As winter weather still rages across parts of the country, it’s time to wrap up April as National Copyright Myth Solving Month with an excellent recap of an article by John Degen, “5 Seriously Dumb Myths About Copyright the Media Should Stop Repeating.” Just to give you a taste of Mr. Degen’s sardonic and sizzling myths, here’s #5:

Artists Feel Restricted by Copyright

Right… and cyclists feel restricted by bike paths. Drivers feel restricted by the network of roads and highways. Pilots feel restricted by lift and drag.

Truth: Professional, working artists who respect their own work also respect the work of others. Ask one — you’ll see.

Anti-copyright crusaders love to shout about remix culture and how copyright aims to stop it. Real artists understand:

  1. Remix culture was not invented by the Internet. Original works of art have been referencing and remixing other original works of art since the dawn of… well, art.
  2. There’s a difference between creative remixing and uncreative copying. That’s a line all professional, working artists recognize by instinct, and it’s a line professional artists are happy to have defined by law.

We often hear a myriad of Copyright Myths that are pervasive in the Christian community, but Mr. Degen’s article specifically addresses ones that are rampant in the media. He addresses the issue of ownership and what appears clearly obvious, yet egregiously dismissed by so many:

The very foundation of copyright is the insistence that if I create an artistic expression, I own that artistic expression.

For an excellent read and insight into the other four Myths About Copyrights, read more.

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