Three Ways to Work Through Drifting During the Pandemic

March 30, 2021

While Easter is a time of celebration, we once again find ourselves celebrating differently than in years before. Churches across the country have made tremendous efforts to keep their congregations connected through online services, Zoom small groups, outdoor drive-in concerts, and more. Without actual in-person interaction, though, many churches are seeing drifting members.    

In regular seasons of life, drifting can be commonplace. Vacations, busy schedules, young kids, and illnesses are all just a few of the countless reasons that people drift. Add lockdowns and restrictions to the mix, and you can see how an active church member could turn fringe member and then nonexistent without support from the church. So how do we remain connected to those that are slowly distancing themselves?   

Here are just a few ideas we gathered to start you in the right direction.   

  1. Let them know they are loved. Don’t make church members feel bad if they have taken a break, remind them that they are always welcome back. Especially during this Holy Week, it’s the perfect time to make the connection, a simple “I’ve been thinking about you” might be all it takes.  
  1. Create tools to assist them. Maybe they don’t have access to the internet? Create a study guide. Can’t come to holiday services? Put together a bag with a project the whole family can do together that focuses on the Gospel that day. The more contact they have with the church, the better!   
  1. Contact your congregants. Look for those you haven’t “seen” or heard from in a while and start there. The sooner you reach them, the less likely they will be to drift. Make contacting members a monthly priority.   

Did you know?   

  • 32% of Christians have stopped attending church during the pandemic. (Barna Research “State of the Church 2020)   
  • 11% of those that have stopped attending note that they are feeling more insecurity or anxiety. (Outreach Magazine February 2021)  

People are weary and long for a return to normalcy. Easter is a perfect time to extend outreach to those members who may find themselves struggling to stay connected not only to their church but to their faith. 

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