What can my Church do with WORSHIPcast?

June 30, 2020

In recent months, the way we worship changed dramatically. To engage with and stay connected to their community and congregation, churches turned online to streaming services. Church leaders, worship pastors, music directors, and production teams had to acclimate to online worship quickly. And determine how to do so legally.  

Many churches purchased streaming licenses; others remained on the fence thinking that online church would fade away as fears of the gathering did. But – as churches across the country begin to reopen, it’s important to remember that online ministry is not just a backup to traditional ministry. It’s not an either-or scenario.  

While this “new normal” will certainly take some adjusting. we wanted to take a closer look at how you can use online worship programming to complement what is already happening in your church.  And remember, currently there is no license to stream sound recordings, master tracks, or performance tracks within your streaming service.  

Stream Worship Services  

First and foremost, the number one reason the church’s purchase streaming licenses is to stream their worship service. While there were some ministries out there streaming pre-stay at home orders, many churches found themselves in unchartered territory. The internet became the only way to worship as churches were forced to close their doors.  

But did you know that with WORSHIPcast, you can stream so much MORE?  

Stream Life Events  

Weddings, First Communions, baptisms, graduations, funerals…these are all life events that families and friends want to be a part of, but due to travel restriction or simple logistics can’t. With WORSHIPcast, you can legally stream copyrighted musical performances from these events, enabling those near and far to view and participate online.  

Stream Special Musical Events  

Special performances and celebrations are equally important when it comes to fostering a sense of church community. From patriotic concerts to Christmas cantatas to the youth group having fun singing Top 40 hits, allow your community to see and the heart and soul of your church.  

Create Musical Performances  

You can create musical performances to be utilized anytime, not just your planned worship services. Feeling inspired? Individual musicians or worship leaders can stream performances from home or another location during the week. WORSHIPcast gives your team the freedom and flexibility to be creative.  

Archive Events and Services  

For as long as your church holds a license, you can archive your performances for future playback.  

Stream Performances of Secular AND Christian Music  

With WORSHIPcast, you can legally stream your church performances of over 28 million Christian and secular songs from the combined catalogs of ASCAPBMI, and SESAC.  All genres are covered, from Contemporary Christian and Gospel to Rock, Country, Holiday, Patriotic, Pop, and Children’s music. You also have access to large traditional catalogs for chorale music and choir anthems such as Hope, Lorenz Corp, Shawnee Press, Augsburg, and Oxford University Press.  

No one knows exactly what re-entry into Church will look like, and it will vary based on certain city and state regulations. But even after all the doors are open, streaming will remain an invaluable tool to reach beyond the walls of your church. 

About WORSHIPcast:  The WORSHIPcast License allows you to webcast your performances of more than 28 million copyrighted songs. These webcasts can be live or on-demand. Webcasting is not limited to worship services and covers concerts, special events, and studio recordings of your worship team. The WORSHIPcast License does not cover downloading of music or any music posted to any third-party website. Webcasting of master recordings or accompaniment tracks requires additional licensing. This license is for performances only and does not cover duplication of copyrighted materials. Additional licenses may be required in accordance with applicable law. 

About CCS:  CCS is a leading authority on church music copyrights and our primary focus is providing licensing and clear educational resources to churches, as well as representation, administration, and advocacy for copyright owners. Follow us on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and YouTube. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel. 

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