Which Streaming License is Right for your Church?

March 12, 2020

You have options when deciding which streaming license your church needs. Both CCS and CCLI offer church streaming licenses. Not sure which one is right for your church or ministry?  There are a few key factors to consider when deciding which license to purchase. 

Songs Covered 

The WORSHIPcast Streaming License covers more than 25 million secular and Christian songs across all genres from ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, including holiday and patriotic music. The CCLI Streaming License covers more than 300,000 Christian songs from the CCLI catalog. If your plans are only to stream Christian music, and your church already has a CCL Copyright License, the CCLI streaming license is a good fit.  If your church or ministry plans on streaming any music outside the Christian genre, you will need WORSHIPcast. 

Performances Covered 

The WORSHIPcast license covers both live and archived performances of your worship services allowing your congregation to worship whenever and wherever, it does not cover podcasting. The CCLI license allows podcasting and streaming of worship services only. If you plan on streaming just your worship services, the CCLI streaming license has you covered. For streaming worship services, special events, and guest performances, your church will need the WORSHIPcast license. 

Other Factors 

Need to show lyrics? This feature is only available with the CCLI license and only for the titles in the CCLI catalog. There is no blanket lyric streaming license for secular music available currently. Neither license allows you to stream sound recordings. 

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